While Westworld is admittedly a remarkable spectacle and a marvel of science, the Delos Board must be run my absolute idiots. They have given unfettered and exclusive access to every form of their intellectual property to a man that keeps a robot in his office just to play him classical tunes on a 1860's piano. He spends large parts of his day in a leaky meat freezer talking to a glitchy gunslinger. He has recreated a copy of his ancestral home (complete with abusive father) in the far reaches of the park. He has... well, let's just say he has a hard time letting go of people. He is a certifiably madman (come on, he's played by Anthony Hopkins, for cripe's sake). And they have given him the literal keys to everything, with no way to protect their most valuable assets. This week we look at the errors of Delos in order to help you understand how you can better protect and preserve your trade secrets.

Does What Happens In Westworld, Stay In Westworld?