If These Are The Heroes... I Think I'll Take My Chances Without Them

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers Initiative is supposed to be designed to protect mankind from extraordinary threats. However, it seems that the Avengers are better at creating and then saving us from the threats of their own creation. Like a mod boss and a protection racket, it seems that wherever the Avengers go, trouble follows.


Though their intentions are pure and their abilities undeniable, they continue to squabble and work in opposition to one another. Often they work in secret, encountering problems they could easily avoid. They chaff at oversight and fail to recognize that they could likely solve half of their challenges fairly easily if they just work together more effectively. In other words, they are just like most workplaces.


This episode, we look at the unique challenges and special tactics that must be employed when managing exceptionally bright, capable, and creative workers.