During this episode we look at the failed leadership style of Amanda Waller, "leader" of the Suicide Squad, in order to explore ways that you can effectively motivate your employees.


While fear, mutual contempt, and the avoidance of death may seem like great motivators, they are less effective in getting the people under your command to turn in their best performances than you might expect. While most employees are not psychotic kill machines (most, mind you) a surprising number of employers use similar motivating tools in order to provoke productivity. However, an overwhelming body of research shows that employees motivated by fear are sloppy in their work, unlikely to meet deadlines, and eager to embrace distractions.


We'll walk through why Waller's leadership is not only immoral but also unlikely to work and discuss some of the tactics she could have employed in order to create a more cohesive and effective team.



Hate... A Less Effective Motivator Than You Would Think