This week we look to the scientist at the Department of Energy from Hawkins, Indiana in order to help us understand a few of things you shouldn't do if you want to keep a safe workplace. Sure, they summoned a blood thirsty kill machine from the ether (and don't get us wrong that's bad) but their greater sins were far more mundane. Were their exit's properly marked? Did they have complete Material Safety Data Sheets? Did they provide flotation devices for all workers working within three feet of a sensory deprivation tank? Did they properly disclose the risk caused by neck breaking telekinetic pre-teens? Clearly, they weren't aware of the duties imposed upon them by the Occupational Safety Hazard Act and it's many regulations. But you won't be caught flat footed after listening to this episode. Note: Here, there be spoilers. (Also, demogorgons. But mostly, spoilers.)

Barb, We'll Never Forget